Cuperus – Lady Gray Tea

Where shall I begin?This is a picture taken at Antwerp Central station.

Tuesday I went to Antwerpen with a friend, my first experience going abroad ‘alone’ (meaning without parents or siblings).  How is this relevant to tea? Read on…
My friend and I were planning for almost six months to go to Antwerpen but something always came up. Either it was school or we were just too tired to go on our free days.  At last, we went last Tuesday and we actually did not plan anything before going.

We came in Antwerp around 12 o’clock and already made a couple of pictures there at the station(haha). The picture on my Facebook page and Instagram is also one of the many we took at Antwerp Central. The station looks so big and I am really wondering if it’s bigger than Amsterdam Central. We visited the chinese street which is across Central station and next to the aquarium, a stepbrother of McDonald’s (Quick), a very beautiful church, the house of Literature, Cuperus and Carrefour.

This image is not of marustan's but of Cuperus. If you click on the image, you will be redirected to the original site.
Cuperus coffee and tea

Lady Gray
I bought this tea at Cuperus after viewing and smelling many others. This lady grey tea is a variant of the Earl grey black tea. The ingredients are: a mix of chinese tea with scented aroma of bergamot oil and lemon grass.  I first tasted this tea on Wednesday and it felt absolutely divine (it felt as if I’m released from something). At first I didn’t really taste its ingredients but after ooh la la.  You know the feeling when you taste hot tea on your tongue and just for one moment it feels as if you are somewhere else. Now, this tea does just that. You can almost taste every detail, the citrus peel and bergamot oil. This is the second time I have tasted and reviewed a black tea and it tastes a bit creamy. I actually really like that but I think I might want to switch to green tea the next time.

Lady gray tea

The smell and look 
These are dark (almost black) tea leaves with tiny yellow wraps and light brown leaves. The tiny yellow(ish) wraps in the loose tea are the ones that give the tea a sweet and citrus like smell and taste. If you take a leaf in your hand and break it you can hear it snap. I guess this indicates that it’s still fresh. I only bought 100gr of tea so the package I got with it is a very simple paper bag.

The setting
I first drank this tea on Wednesday after lazily walking almost everywhere around the house. I steeped it for 4 minutes which was a bit too long because it started to taste bitter. At first I sat on a chair at the dinning table but quickly realized that to enjoy this tea, it is best if I sit on the balcony in my garden chair. While sitting in my garden chair, I drank my tea and observed my surroundings…

This was my first time drinking this type of loose leaf tea and visiting Antwerp. Did you ever drink this type of tea? Or maybe other teas at this store?



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