About Marustan’s

Hey World,

I like being inspired by the people and nature around me. Art is my passion and discovering new artistic methods is the very reason I breathe. Okay that sounded a bit… but it is really like that. I wrote about this in Crea Crea Creativity.

When creating my artwork I like to listen to Indian(I’m a hardcore Bollywood fan), Arabic(Nancy Ajram) and yoga music. It’s very soothing and it immediately takes me to my creative world(Marustan). In Marustan I paint, write posts and Shayari’s, make jewelry and sing.

But who are you?

Well, I’m Anna-Rebecca – full on Bollywood lover & artist(in every sense of the word) – I was born  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and raised in Suriname. There(in Suriname) I had an amazing childhood. Four years ago I moved to The Netherlands to continue my studies. I have recently passed my Havo(Higher general continued education) exams. I am now studying International Communication Management at the University of applied sciences.
Every hobby I love doing I post here on Marustan. I am now busy writing a short story(or a book haven’t decided yet). So, don’t forget to check Pinterest. On Pinterest I created 3 boards so that you can visually experience and get to know my main characters.

Why do I write which song I’ve listened to?
Humph, well I don’t know. I love to listen to music. And I do it to create the Marustan ambience, to add some spices to this dish.
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One thought on “About Marustan’s

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