About Marustan and Me


Memarustan was created to showcase paintings, stories & poems and handcrafted jewelry. Since 2012 this blog has grown into a website that, each year, varies from different topics and categories. Memarustan should be seen as a house as there are many rooms and every room has its purpose. Memarustan has different rooms(categories) and every year these rooms get a makeover or special attention. Although I’m spending lots of time in the tea room this can differ each year. In the summer I will be paying a lot of attention to my creative room since Arty Saturday is coming back!

The tagline for Memarustan is A dreamer| Artist | an achiever. This tagline is my version of a roadmap to ‘success’ *wherever that may be*. I want to achieve something, to get there I first have to believe that I can be there which I do by (day or night)dreaming. I should have the willpower and idea planted in my heart, body, and soul. I can then continue developing this idea into an executable plan. The developing process is my favorite because I can create whatever method or strategy that will work best for me. The third and last step is achieving that goal. I believe that I am an achiever because I can and will be able to achieve anything that I set my mind to do.

A little Q&A

So… what’s up with your pictures on the blog?
Well… now all the pictures are being photographed with an iPhone 4/4s and not with a professional camera. That’s all I can do at the moment.

What does Memarustan mean, isn’t it an odd name for a blog?
It might be but then again its unique.  Marustan is a combination of the names of my father, mother and brother, and grandmother. I added the Me because I should also be in Marustan somewhere… period 😉

Which rooms are there at Memarustan?
I’m pretty excited to answer this question. The rooms are amazing and bam bammm baaaammmm…… Here they are:


The Tea Room: Aah, at the moment this is my favorite room. I absolutely love tea and I love sharing that I love it. I love that you read these posts and I hope they’ll help you in finding that perfect tea flavor for your afternoon reading sesh or when you are taking a pause at work.

layersThe Arts room: This room is the reason I started blogging.  At first, I was just sharing but as I painted more and people visited my home they wanted an explanation of what I painted and why. I was startled when they said they’d liked my explanation and that they could see something of themselves in my painting. I was like wow I should share this with the world. Why should they be left out?

There is a hidden feature/room that you haven’t seen yet. If you click on the plus beneath, something magical happens. See ya on the other side 🙂




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