Types of books to read while you are on​ an 8 or more hour bus ride

Lately, the subject of travel is sparking a lot of interest for me. Mainly because I am at home all the time, either applying for jobs or dreaming to travel to other European countries. The cheapest way you ask? Flixbus! But that’s not the subject of this blog post. It’s part of it.

Besides my 2 extra portable chargers, I always pack a puzzle book for when I’m making a long trip to another country. I usually never puzzle but read ebooks on my phone instead. Hence, the 2 extra portable chargers. Lately, I have an extra urge to buy more books. You know what they say: Books — Knowledge — I know more — It’s Great to read books. Here’s a list of what I’m considering:

1. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

Why: The wanderlust calls, however, the wallet doesn’t always hear. Whenever the wallet does hear and the places are near, it’s nice to know the hidden gems instead of Big names such as Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower.

2. Anything Kevin Kwan
Why: Eventhough Kevin Kwan’s books are pure fiction. It’s clearly crisply described, the devil is in the details, fiction. You read the first words of the books and quickly become immersed into it. Start with Crazy Rich Asians and finish the trilogy. Currently in my iBooks is the third book: Rich People Problems.

3. Inspirational Entrepreneur Books
Why: You learn from your peers and why invent the wheel again when people can share some great tips how they handled a series of situations you will be handling. Even if it’s you working at your job or you being an Entrepreneur. These two books are in my iBook library: In The Company of Women and Girl Boss (+ it has a Netflix series).


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