Your Daily Tea Cup – Lovely Jasmine

Today I have a delicious review for you, but that is already stating my subjective opinion. The tea in the matter is called “Lovely Jasmine.” I have a long relationship with jasmine. My mother used to collect jasmine petals and mix them in baby oil to create scented oil. Only a year ago I started to grow fond of drinking it in tea. Every time I would visit a cafe I would request a green tea jasmine as my tea order. I guess it has a calming effect on whatever that needs to be calmed.

The descriptionGreen tea jasmine tea package
Flower Experience in a cup. Refined green tea with a soft flowery jasmine taste. Create your own zen-moment. Ingredients: Natural green tea and Jasmine (no added chemical or synthetic pesticides)
This tea can be prepared by putting 1 teaspoon in a tea infuser for 2-4 min with 80 degrees Celcius hot water. *Okay, maybe lukewarm-ish*

The Senses

Green tea jasmine

The leaves have a dark green and brown color of which some have a light ashy green top. They are rolled not in balls but folded.

The dry leaves smell like scented oil at first, but when I take a long sniff, it smells like jasmine petals. The infused leaves seem to extract the scent of the jasmine even more. The wet leaves confirm the strong odor of jasmine. The color is a shade of light brown. I have tried this tea several times. And I wanted to taste the difference of when its 80 degrees and colder by just letting it sit outside. Before this process, I had already steeped it for 4 min. The color changes from light brown to dark brown. The taste gets even more bitter.

Green Tea Jasmine Steeping

I Love Tea Cup with Lovely Jasmine Green Tea

The taste
This tea has a robust, aromatic jasmine flavor but yet there are traces of other flowers. I can’t quite put my finger on. The best I can describe it is as garden flowers such as roses or peonies. I can’t  taste the green tea, but then again I compare it with a Chunmee or Goal Para where grassiness is dominant.

Flatlay teacup and tea

Before I got this tea, I used to drink jasmine green tea from the brand Kusmi tea which was heavenly. When that finished, I drank Jasmine Green Tea from Kaldi’s which tasted like jasmine but a bit bland. This time I got to try out Lovely Jasmine offered by Your Daily Tea Cup which is initially from Teastreet.

Your Daily Tea Cup is a webshop run by Rensina Steursma. She started the webshop more than 3 months ago.  She recently created a tea advent calendar which has been ordered more than a 100 times. At Your Daily Tea Cup, you can buy teas from the brand Teastreet, tableware, Tony Chocolony chocolate, and the KoffieTCacao Magazine.

Rensina also runs a Dutch blog called I met Rensina at a blogger event for the Dutch Tea Festival this year, after that, I started following her on Instagram. I like her style of photography which is very light, fresh and inspiring.
Around three weeks she asked me to review one of the teas she is offering on her website. Seen my long history of Jasmine, I scoured the site and selected exactly that.

At times when I can’t afford Kusmi Tea, and my lovely Jasmine is finished I know I can put this one in my shopping cart.

P.s I also got a gift from Rensina
Good Morning tea sample

See ya ♥


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