Matcha on the Web

During my thesis, I had to do a lot of research about tea and marketing communication strategies in the Tea industry. I encountered a pro and a con during my research.

I love discovering new things about tea so that I couldn’t stop my thirst for more knowledge. I am a person who likes to look at the nitty gritty details of a cause and intends to know in depth about the why, hows, whats, and whens. The downside is that it might also take a lot of time and that information sought out might not be relevant.

Well, Guess what! What might not have applied for my thesis might apply for my blog! No information indeed is wrong information. It all depends on the time.

One of the trends that I spotted is the world’s craze for powdered green tea. Gotcha, I’m talking about Matcha tea. Although the matcha revolution began in early 2014, it already exists for longer than 500 years in Japan. Currently, it’s everywhere and slowly also making its way to the Netherlands.

See this post by Chapter Friday on where in Amsterdam you can sip this coveted drink.

On Steller, I found creatives who shared matcha-related stories with the world and curated my own list. Find it here.





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