Tea Journey


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Hello lovelies,

When I started reviewing teas, I was unaware of the world of tea. I knew tea as the Pickwick English breakfast and their other flavored teas. This love grew by trying other brands like Lipton, Lord Nelson, Dogdan and finally making a big step in tasting loose leaf goodness. When I entered the world of loose leaf tea, I was lost. Like literally lost. It’s like Disney land for tea lovers. Seven different types of tea with so many sub-variations. If you would ask me what my favorite is right now. I can give you my top three and the next month that might change again.

Tea Collection
Back in 2014, when I started blogging about tea, I posted my tea collection as a way to officially launch my entrance into tea blogging/reviewing. My box was filled with tea boxes and different brands. Some of which are still in my tea box, only now I have two boxes.

Box full of different Tea brands
Marustan’s Tea reviews


Tea Collection 2017
Three years later, still a fan of tea and I continue to be so. The difference is, now I know way more than I used to know back then. In the beginning, I researched a lot. I tried to find out more the world of tea and didn’t stop until I was satisfied. Should I feel unsatisfied as the day ended, I just sipped a cuppa tea and enjoyed the serenity. Wait….where was I? Oh yes, my tea collection!
If you’re following me on Instagram, then you might have seen my tea collection. But I guess I left out an explanation part. I did that deliberately…. I’m sorry, but I’ve always liked the suspense and teasing with sneak peeks.

So let’s begin!
Slide 1: Jadu Tea
Slide 2: Ahmad Tea
Slide 3: Kusmi Tea
Slide 4: Tea Bar
Slide 5: Simon Levelt

Want to know more about these teas? Click on the titles!


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