Dutch Tea Festival

Last year, I missed the first ever Dutch Tea Festival while being in Madrid. However, this year will be no way that I’m missing it. I’m psyched!

Yesterday, April 30th, I went to the blogger’s event where all deets of the program were shared. These are some of them that get me excited *I mean, I can’t sleep the day before excited*:

30 and counting tea stands
Since this is one of the first tea-only festival in the Netherlands, it’s such an awe meeting and seeing all tea lovers unite and being under one roof.

I Can’t wait to check out more companies I haven’t seen or heard of before.

19+ workshops
The workshops vary from the origin of tea given by Dutch Tea Championship 2017 jury member Viral Sheth to workshop about different types of tea like Oolong, Puerh, to Hennep (weed) tea! More on the lists are trends in tea, matcha!, mindfulness, and (of course) way more. You can check out their program here

The workshops are not only for beginners but also more advanced people. Learning and exploring tea can be quite overwhelming at first which is why one might feel intimidated when sitting in a room full of tea aficionados who know more than they do. This is a very smart move of the Dutch Tea Festival as they offer something for people of all levels of tea knowledge.

Tea and live music
That I love music is not really a secret. *Read here and here
When sipping or even preparing tea, I usually have either Indian or western music on. It feels as if all senses are connected and plugged in just right. The touch of a teacup in my hands, while slowly or at normal pace bringing to my nose and mouth for the very first sniff and then slurp. While listening to music and watching the scenery, is just everything.

These are my faves. What are yours? Drop me a comment below or on social media. Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek.


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