I have tasted many teas, and my thirst hasn’t completely quenched yet! However, once in a while there are teas who halt you in your tracks and make you appreciate what you’ve selected to drink for the day.

In January, after spending Christmas in Madrid, a particular brand sparked my interest with its illustrations on the packaging. That brand is Or-Tea. Don’t know it yet? Head over to my Instagram and check out the pictures!

Intrigued where I could find this tea, I send a message to Or-tea on Instagram saying that I am highly interested and would like to know where I could buy the tea. I got in contact and discovered they have a European base in the Netherlands. Say what! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on and wouldn’t mind traveling to whichever city. As a fourth year student, nonetheless, I have free transport in the whole country and can go to whichever city during the week. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that as I got sent sachet samples of each different type of its tea.

Or-tea is one of the teas I’ve been drinking for the past months. Their illustrations are pretty feminist, striking, make you think, and shed light on the multitasking nature of women. The many facets of a woman are shown on each tea sachet, tea box, or tea tin.

The fun didn’t stop there! In March I attended the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and met them in person. I even got a bag full of favourite teas. Want to know what they were? Read the next post because this one got way too long 😉



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