Jadu Tea London

Have you seen it yet? Have you seen my Jadu Tea Collection? A few months ago it premiered on my Instagram and had since become a charming piece of decoration in my house.

In January, I got an incredible news by seeing Jadu Tea London as one of my followers. I could take a leap and run onto daisies…and those kinds of emotions. I was following Jadu tea since the beginning of 2016 and feeling bit of insecure of approaching them since I wasn’t quite actively blogging. However, they offered to send me samples, and I gladly accepted.

I chose for three teas:

The Rooibos Creme Brulee

My first thought when I smelled and tasted the Creme Brulee was: “Yoo, this is soooooo sweet” I discovered then and there that when I would like to drink something sweet, this would be it. Moving past the sweetness of this tea, it smelled and tasted like marshmallows with honey and cinnamon all in one. I never knew this mix can even be served as tea.

Mademoiselle Grey

Mademoiselle Grey, I think you may have made many crazy about you! Because I sure am. *No homo* As I untie the ribbons of this delicately packaged tea and impatiently rip apart the plastic, I encounter a citrusy bergamot smelling tea. Mademoiselle’s blend exists out of Sri Lankan Uva Black Tea as a base, with Lemon peels, Orange Peels, Lemon Grass and Red Cornflowers flavors.
The blend has both floral and fruity notes and tastes just the same. While the orange peels are floating in my cup, I taste a classic bergamot with orange peels *Guilty, I did eat them as a child. So I know exactly how they taste ;)* The aftertaste is just the same. When steeped a lot longer than adviced a strong Orange peel taste comes forth, it feels like my mouth is on fire as if I’ve eaten pepper yet slightly bitter. Who knew so much can happen while it being in your mouth. Darn Mademoiselle, so that is how you bring the boys to the yard 😜

Spa Afternoon


I mostly looked forward to this tea as I wanted to use it for my moments of serenity after writing chapters for my thesis. This blend is enriched with Spearmint, Chinese Ti Guan Yin oolong tea, Nettle, Dandelion, Burdock, and Milk thistle. Spa afternoon made me feel relaxed and ready to go to sleep. Whenever I feel sleepy, I just need a final push to sleep sometimes it’s rainy music, warm milk, or tea. I taste a strong spearmint flavor with a mellow milky oolong.

All in all, I really enjoy drinking Jadu Teas. They are magically created for each unique moment. As you might have guessed, my favorite is Mademoiselle Grey but I have grown to love the others as well.


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