6 Tips on How to Explore Your Passion for Tea

So… You are a newly tea lover and can’t wait to learn more about all things tea. But where do you start? This article will give you 6 pointers on which steps to take to help you learn more about tea.

Find stores nearby
Try to find tea stores near you. If you live in the Netherlands, chances are you might have encountered stores like Simon Levelt or Kaldi. Most tea stores have employees who know heaps about tea, its origin and can give answers to your thirst quenching questions.

Learn about it
The International Tea and Coffee Academy frequently offers workshops on tea and coffee. They’re often traveling to tea fields and have 10+ years of experience in teaching people all about tea. Not only that, but they also give workshops about several trends in tea like Chado – The Japanese Tea Ceremony,  Tasting famous teas from around the world, and more.

Visit festivals
Festivals, Festivals, how I love festivals. Last year the first ever tea festival took place at the Fabrique in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This year it’s back again on May 28, 2017, with a theme that has taken the tea world on a toll. I mean this type of tea is everywhere, with products made of it that just makes your mouth water and water.
Next, to the Dutch Tea Festival, you can also visit Amsterdam Coffee Festival where several workshops and the annual Dutch Tea Championships take place. Both festivals bring tea lovers together with each other but also with tea connoisseurs/sommeliers and tea shop owners who can tell you more about tea.

Go to tea tastings/workshops
Tea is a beverage that is so versatile that only reading about it isn’t enough. Taste it; smell it before and after the steep; experience different tastes; and flavors. Some tea stores and tea sommeliers offer tea tasting workshops and masterclasses.

Explore Instagram
Instagram has a bustling community full of tea lovers who love to share pictures of their  #teatime, who are #teaaholics and #teaadicts to the bone, and just #lovetea.

Google it
No jokes here. When I first started to blog about tea. My first instinct was to learn, read, everything. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what information is reliable. However, by googling, you can whizz out the unnecessary, and mostly websites that are 2+ pages further are the ones you’ll need.

Hope I could help you in your journey about tea! If you’d like to drop a comment you can do so on Instagram, Facebook or click the plus button below!

See ya soon 



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