Happy New Year

Hey there you,

Before the second working week of the year starts, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. I know you hardcore tea readers have been waiting for a message from Me&Marustan. Me too!

What has happened

I am in my fourth year! Woohoo. I’m a fourth-year International Communication Management student. If everything goes well, next year I won’t be a student anymore. I’ll be entering the job field like I own the place 😉

Before getting my Bachelor diploma I have to do several things. A research project for a thesis and minors: Trends and Themes, and a Communication Battle. Nothing I can’t handle of course 🙂

I’m doing research at the International Tea and Coffee Academy. My passion for tea has finally sent me in the right direction.
International tea and coffee Academy is a knowledge institute for those who want to learn more about tea and coffee. Individuals can follow courses and attend many masterclasses. They offer one year, even three years courses and at the end you graduate as Barista or Tea Sommelier. They are certified by the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) and SVH.

ITCA(International Tea and Coffee Academy) is there for people who’d like to know more about tea and coffee. They are storytellers to the root. Their founder, Richard Schukkink, often travels to coffee and tea fields to bring back stories and experiences to tell. ITCA’s storytelling doesn’t end there. Hop on their Blog and read about the world of tea and coffee.

When I started reviewing teas, it became more and more important for me to know about the people plucking the teas. I was curious about who they are,  and especially where the tea fields were. I think it’s important to know that and brings me closer to feeling as a human. Living in a well-off European country often feels like products are made by fairies or robots. They look perfect, are there and I don’t know who made it, where and how. It feels numbing and like a one-sided kind of love. *Which always sucks, one way or another*

See you when I see you….


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