Instagrammers 2.0

Hey Everybody,

Here I am again with a brand new tea Instagram accounts list you have to follow before 2016 ends.
Christmas holidays are fast approaching. If you’d like to relax your mind and look at all things tea, then here’s the list you’ve been waiting for! Nine tea Instagrammers I’m digging right now *was very tempted to write rn*

@Tea Thoughts
Calligraphy and tea, do they go well together? Looking @Teathoughts Instagram, they do! I super duper love her pictures and her Christmas theme.

Mixing hand drawn art by school children in Africa and Kenyan tea, the essence of Ajiri Tea. Check ‘m out here!

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-14 om 16.13.23.png
This Instagram account may seem like a regular store account promoting their products, but the Instagram stories are everything! Cafe Couture’s Instagram is run by @teacoach.Ken, Your Tea Dealer.

@Lab of tea
Lab of tea posts pictures about the tea drinks in a slightly different packaging. They are packaged in tubes, like the thin ones used in chemistry class. This is something I haven’t seen before, and I absolutely love it! Plus they use the same font I have on my Instagram. *Great minds think alike*

@Tea for three NYC
This Instagram is #sodarling! I love their picture quotes and herbal tea recipes! I’d totally recommend to check them out!

T2Tea is a UK based tea company. On their Instagram, they feature vibrant pictures as if it’s a fashion account. *insert heart eye emoji here*

@Tea ‘n Clothes
With almost 98 pictures, Tea and Clothes feature all places where one can take their tea. They don’t have lots of li kes nor followers, which is a pity!

Is an account every twentysomething should follow to make a girls night a tad more fun! Sisters from Sydney picture ingredients of tea infused cocktails in #flatlay style.

Another Instagram stories I absolutely dig is ChaiWalli’s. Only few tea accounts I follow, make use of Instagram Stories. I think they are missing out a lot as they are not fully reaching their potential. But Chaiwalli is!
Schermafbeelding 2016-12-14 om 16.05.08.png

See ya on the next post 🙂


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