TEA innovations

The tea industry is a slowly innovating. More people get passionate about making tea modern for millenials. Here’s a list of innovations you didn’t know about yet:

Meet Pique Tea
A new way of drinking tea. With the antioxidants of looseleaf tea with out the brewing. Pique tea offers a new solution by making tea stirrable. Pour it all in your cup and stir away. Pique tea steaps tea and not bags to avoid bleached paper!

Meet Teforia
An alternative way of setting tea with an App. The beginning of an exiting new chapter in the tradition of tea. Read their blog for fun facts about tea.

Meet Tea-cere
With a slik and two colored design this teaware is only for setting matcha tea. How? 👇

That’s it for now. If you know others you can always comment and share the knowledge.

See ya soon



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