Segovia Seen

ON SATURDAY June 4th I went to Segovia.

I didn’t know what to expect. But whatever I saw, I will show you in this blog post. I went with a student travel agency called Be Madrid.

Usually when I visit a town I want to see something that catches my eye. Whether it is street art, a fountain, a monument, or a shopping street. Every city has it’s charm and  so does Segovia.
One thing that captures my eye when traveling to spanish cities are the mountains, the dessert like landscape and grape trees.
The first place I saw was the Alcazar Palace from behind. The tour guide told a small story about an incident that happened in the Palace a couple of centuries ago.
A princess was born and hours after she died. The story goes that a nurse slipped and the baby fell down. Due to the boat shape, some places are narrower than others. To cover the girls death and to avoid being tortured to death, the nurse killed jumped from the same point where the little princess died.
The aquaduct was the next place I saw. After that we went into several streets and finally ended up at the front of the Alcazar palace. The Palace looks stunning from the inside and very impressive. After Segovia we visited an area near called La Granja. La Granja is a magical place and I love it so much.  Enjoy the pictures, relive Segovia and La Granja with me!

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