The First Ever FesTEAval in Holland

Hey Guys,

Guess what happened? Last week was the first ever tea festival in holland. Being on Erasmus in Madrid, I missed it 😩

But worry not, that’s why we have facebook and other tea enthousiast. According to what I’ve seen on Social Media, there was a mix of tea companies selling hot, looseleaf and iced tea. Moreover, there were also workshops and you could enjoy musical talents led by Giel Beelens.

Check out these links to see what’s happened! They are all in Dutch but you can translate them using Google Chrome.  *Hail to the internet*
Just press your right mouse click and select ‘translate this page’. It’s as easy as that!

  1. Dutch TEA Festival – FesTEAval (Dutch)
  2. Zo Mijntje (Dutch)
  3. Love for tea (Dutch)
  4. (Dutch)


Keep your eye out for unboxing Ahmad Tea post.

See ya soon




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