Tea surprises in Madrid

O M G – the acronym that when placed in capital letters means that the news is huge.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about tea Instagrammers you have to follow. One of these tea Intagrammers, Ahmad Tea, loved the blog post so much that they sent me some ‘samples’ of their tea.

Today, I came home from a long day of making a presentation and an exam of the Spanish language. How did it go? Well for my presentation I received an 9. As overjoyed as I am, I thought that’s the happiest news of my day. Guess not!

I came home, and a large package of Ahmad Tea was waiting for me. I was quite surprised as I thought they would send a few samples (5-6 tea bags). Instead, they sent a WHOLE COLLECTION. Do you now get my ‘O M G’?


Want to know what’s in the box? Stay tuned for more on Memarustan.
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