Fear of failure


Everyone has fear. I think it’s logical to add myself to the lot.

Credits: Mira Begova

You know what I am scared of. I am deadly afraid of failing or making a mistake in any way.
If I know that I will be making errors in a particular period, I can handle it.
What I am scared of is making a mistake when I wasn’t prepared to make one or when I wasn’t conscious of making a mistake.

Credits: Mira Begova

What I’m afraid of, is making a mistake when I think that I am right. It feels as if my whole being shakes with knowing that I’m right.
Don’t get me wrong I can admit when I’m wrong. Even when I think that, I’m right and all I’ve ever known is being entirely correct.

But when I get a sudden blow that I’m wrong. It’s as if everything that I’ve been doing is wrong.It’s like my whole world falls apart. That’s how it feels when I make a mistake.

I get the same when blogging. I love blogging but am also super conscious about the writing errors I make. It comes to a point when I have a brilliant idea on paper and want to blog about it, I don’t because I don’t wish to make a mistake or writing errors.

But no more… I don’t want to drown and remain being afraid making mistakes. I am done with this feeling. This feeling makes me achieve nothing. I am a dreamer, an artist and an achiever. Achievers make mistakes, learn and enjoy the process.

Peace out!

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