Just laugh it off

Just a small thought on this Monday morning.

We all have those rash decisions we make and regret later on. In the heat of the moment it seems as the only rational thing to do, giving you a huge dose of adrenaline. Leaving you with less space to think logical and see how wrong the choice is.
On this semi-cold but not winter cold monday morning, I had made a similar stupid decision that would haunt me for the rest of the week.
In the heat of the moment or lack thereof, I saw a Starbucks store at the station. It’s as if it was glowing and calling out to me. I tried to resist it but it kept pulling me in. You see 99% of the people bought a warm drink but since I had little room to think even a bit logical I went ahead and ordered a venti caramel cream.
A COLD DRINK. Like seriously, what was I thinking.
After getting the drink and feeling that it was as cold as Elsa’s castle. I decided to keep my dignity and drink it with pride. This didn’t last long as I got a major brain freeze. Lord, please help me through this day.


Have a nice week peeps make better mistakes to get your laugh juices flowing 🙂


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