Last time I posted an article on this topic. I was semi-frustrated and angry for not having relevant experience. Ironically enough, a day later I got an internship. Yeah, my life completely changed after that.

Right away
One of the criteria was that I had to start right away. It has been an experience since day one, dia uno en dag een. I got welcomed in a team filled with professionals of a pretty high level. Every decision they make, every word they say radiates experience, experience, and experience. Remembering many *what to do on the first day of your internship* articles and a teachers’ advice. I refused to feel down when I had nothing to add while they were discussing important topics. Of course, I had gotten these topics in written exams, lectures, and masterclasses but I never experienced them in practice.
Let me tell you something. *It’s quite a different thing*. Understanding something and applying it to a real-life situation is a whole different thing than just reading, studying and answering a case study with the same terms on an exam.
Yes, I learn a lot at my internship. I get to see another dimension of learning. Real life experiences. Things get real and fast. I get a lot of responsibility and tasks which equals to a lot of experience at the end of my internship. Such tasks keep me focused and make me look at the bigger picture. I luckily have a goal oriented supervisor who asks me each week what I’ve learned and what I could have done better. I learned that I love looking at details, and I hate ignoring all those little details. However, sometimes it’s necessary to look at the bigger picture.

I’m interning at Ideas from Europe. My motivation for working here was that I wanted a look behind the scenes. I was always in awe of these inspiring TED(x) Talks and always wanted to work for a source of inspiration. I am fascinated by people who aim to inspire others, who aim to facilitate others with inspiration. So when this internship offer came up, I grabbed my chance and gave it my all.
I got appointed as Social Media Service Agent, and one of my main tasks is to look at all types of exposure. I have to make sure that we are visibly present on the internet.
We *OMG, I’m writing like a truly valued employee*
We are running a campaign to search Ideas from Europe. These ideas come from 28 member states of the EU. The European finale is at the SME Assembly which will take place in Luxembourg!! Ideas from Europe is the bridge between the public and private sector. Everyone coming from either of these sectors can easily cross and exchange knowledge and inspire others.

Besides Social Media I got tasks such as to:
1. Search for European bloggers and online journalists on Innovation, Technology, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship,
2. Search for awesome European Students who would love to be Idea Ambassadors
3. Search for Social Media exposure
This is the part where I ask your help. I wonder if some of you know awesome bloggers or students who are passionate and make it their lives goal to spread visionary ideas. I am counting on all of you. Make me proud!!

See you at the next post


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