Traveling 2.0

Here’s How You Travel Without Leaving TheWhat is the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘travel’? Is it going on a holiday to an exotic country or road tripping? Or visiting a place by car, plane or cycle? What if I told you there is another way. I’m not getting into that now but keep calm and first answer these questions. Why do you travel? To find yourself, to relax or to just enjoy your time? What if I told you there is another way to do that? That you can travel without moving around and you will instantly get the feeling as if you’ve traveled and found yourself.

Hmm, what am I talking about?
I’m talking about MUSIC. You know there are certain elements/instruments that can make you feel completely different. It can appeal to any type of emotion even if we want it or not. Now you’re here for the traveling, wanderlust feeling right?
Just like any other music inspiration or for some eargasm, I go to Spotify. As mentioned in my previous posts, Spotify has a lot of playlists. Even playlists when you want to fall asleep. *Yes, I’ve used that one too. Ugh technology what have you done to me.*

The song that I have found on Spotify are:
Somnium by Rodrigo & Gabriel
This track is amazing and the duo is so good together. If I want to feel the spanish zest in 4 minutes, I like to listen to their songs.

One Love
Personally, I grew up with this music but it’s not one of my favourite to listen to. Once in a while when I do want a trip to memory lane and a bit of the Caribbean rhythm I listen to these playlists. One I recently discovered and quite like listening to is called One Love. A mix of older and new songs. 🎶Kingston Town🎶

Latin Playlist
Did I mention that I also like listening to Latin songs.
No, not only Enrique Iglesias. My go to playlist is La vida Loca because La vida(Life) is really loca. This playlist even has a Surinamese song of La rouge which at first I thought had a nice vibe to it and I excitedly began dancing before they actually begin to sing. But as it gradually kept on playing I realised that I knew this song. *Shocker*
My favourite song on this playlist is Cheerleader by Felix Jaehn.

Here’s My Top 3 that make my mind travel if I don’t physically. What are your top songs?
P.s If you click on the plus 👇🏾 you can actually react to my question 😉

See you on the next post
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