Arty Saturday #3

When it comes to painting art it is all about feelings, emotions and a means of how you translate a message in a beautiful way. For this same purpose, I want to show some Surinamese quotes and simple words I made with crayons and watercolor. I got inspired by a post on Pinterest, but there aren’t a lot of these tutorials. For some reason, people are not experimenting with this art technique and that’s kind of a pity. Yes, really…

The technique:
If I say that, it’s really easy. Will you believe me or not? I hope you do because it is. Just start writing a word or draw a shape with crayon and then choose whichever watercolor paint you want to. The magic will happen in front of your eyes.
The crayon colors I choose for these pieces were yellow, red and blue. I soon discovered that blue matches well with black watercolors and yellow also matches a lot with black. Ever wondered why the songs’ called black and yellow? Now you do…

2015-03-21 18.56.39 2015-03-21 18.51.41 2015-03-21 18.48.43

Ifu bigi alen no kiri mi dow watra no sa kiri mi tu
If I survive this, I’ll survive anything else
Wan man no e furu kroskasi
One man doesn’t fill a closet

For some reason, I really like this one but I am not, yet, at a stage where I get what it actually means. One man doesn’t fill a closet of clothes. What could it mean?

Lobi abi Bigi Grani
Love doesn’t rust

See you on the next post!


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