Letting go

“It isn’t easy, I know!
What happened, happened. And sometimes nothing or no one can change that.”

I had the same feeling when I realized some in my family decided to remove all my favorite, motivating Hindi movies. Yup, you read that right, I was extremely furious. I mean lezbehonest(couldn’t wait to use this word in a sentence) before you make such a drastic decision you should consult the person before removing it, right? That’s the human thing to do! This disappearing mystery made me go on a searching trip to find out who did it. Was it my mom, who just loves cleaning up so why not the television box? Or was it my bro who rarely watches TV? Or was it my dad who was complaining, to remove some of my movies for days? Hmmm, I wasn’t Sherlock nor Nancy Drew so this movie disappearing mystery remained a mystery. I had to learn to cope with my loss, but I couldn’t seem to get over it. Over some films, you might think. Then I guess you haven’t seen Band Baaja Baarat nor Student of the Year :(.
Eventually, I did get over them but it wasn’t easy. I’m so glad to have movie channels who air one movie 100 times a year; this means that I can record or watch them all over again.

I wrote this blog post three years ago without having to let something grave or important go. As you can read the most important thing that I hadn’t wanted to let go were a couple of movies. Over the years, I have lost a lot of family member that one of them is my uncle. We used to call him Do, but his real name was Rudy B. He used to be that uncle who used to stand up for me or bring me delicacies to eat. However, when he died, I wasn’t in Suriname to bury him. I was in the Netherlands and couldn’t go back because I had to go to school and deal with new experiences such as dealing with the college life. Even if he’d been on his death-bed, he would’ve told me not to come to Suriname, to focus on completing my studies here in The Netherlands.

When we lose someone, the first thing we hear is to let go. Let that person go. It’s hard, but we have to let go, and we should let go because it’s not healthy if we don’t let go. However, today I’d like to say that before we let go. Let’s stand still for a few minutes or hours or days but not months!
Remember the person. Cry if you want to and if you’re over it, let it go but never forget. If the person has done you wrong remember the person, forgive the person even if they died, let go of that ilk.

On this note, I’ll see you at the next post


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