Visiting Amsterdam's Coffee Festival

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

On the 15th of May 2015 I visited the Amsterdam Coffee Festival (ACF) and my experience was amazing. There are a million ways how I can express my love for tea but there are a billion ways to actually conquer this love and meet like minded people who are as amorous as I am. A couple of days ago I wrote a quote on twitter saying:

“Don’t isolate anything but be open for a lot and don’t accept everything. #ThoughtOfTheDay

Previously I would not be as open to visit a coffee centred festival as I am a hardcore Tea fan (see I’m even giving this drink a capital letter). Hadn’t I gone to this festival I wouldn’t be able to write about some amazing tea companies I got to meet and taste their teas. Unfortunately I do not have samples of all, however, I do remember their teas. Let’s put it this way after visiting ACF it took me some time to get adjusted to my own tea collection. Yesh, I knowwww!

There are three types of tea companies I met at the ACF:

1. Iced Tea Drinks
This stand attracted many children, their parents and other visitors who were eager to try some of their refreshing iced tea drinks. The staff was very hospitable and enthousiastic telling about their company’s purpose which is to support social proects in the farming regions. This in return gives a every sip your drinking worth while as you are indirectly supporting people in need.
All the ingredients are organically grown and the tea is farmed on Fairtrade plantations in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Argentina.

2015-06-19 21.22.27

Surprised, is what I felt when first drinking this drink that is based on superfoods such as green tea, rooibos tea and superfruits. I was quite skeptical to taste it as I love my traditional looseleaf/tea bag tea. But I must admit that if it were a hot day and I would be strolling in the city. I would buy this as it contains anti-ox heroes(a.k.a. anti oxidants) and very sparkly but light.

2. Chai Tea

2015-06-19 21.30.33
David Rio San Francisco
The sales man at David Rio was very amiable and eager to tell people, who were at David Rio’s stand about the company and the various Chai’s. Although there is no David Rio offline store, they do distribute their products to, off and online, retail stores such as the TeaBar and Hotels. This salesman was so kind to give me four tea samples which I will also be reviewing on the blog.

3. Traditional Looseleaf tea
2015-06-19 15.46.59
The TeaBar – ‘Create youw own Personality’
Sweet scented, light and strong tea varieties offered by TeaBar’s friendly co-owner Fenje Bolt. There are different flavours of white, oolong, black, rooibos, green, herbal tea. Everyone can find a tea that fits their personality or mood. I loved seeing how she treated the customers and giving them a chance to smell the tea and when they liked it or were very enthousiastic about it she give them a sample for them to try it at home. I loved seeing how happy visitors left this stand as if they could not wait to drink the samples. And believe me, I know why they were so happy as I have tried some myself…but that’s for another post!

Yumcha tea
“Tasting tea is an art in itself” 2015-06-19 15.50.08Kenneth touw.
Yumcha Tea is a company of two driven and passionate tea loving guys, Kenneth Touw and Koh Ngai, who personally went to tea fields in china and met with their farmers who grow, pluck and ferment tea. A few in the trade do that which shows their dedication to their company and its customers. They also know under which circumstances the tea is plucked and fermented and can always tell you a story of how they experience their journey to these farms.

It was lots of fun visiting ACF and if I hadn’t abided to my quote I wouldn’t have gotten inspired by many tea stores at Amsterdam Coffee Festival. So Here’s my advice for you:

“Don’t isolate anything, be open for a lot but don’t accept everything”


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