Too much

I have always learnt from life, people and experience that having too much of something isn’t always good. Loving something too much can turn into an obsession, eating too much of something can make you gain weight, drinking too much can make you pee in moments when a toilet isn’t near. This rule also applies when you are drinking too much tea.  Although tea might be extremely good for you, drinking too much of it isn’t that healthy.

According to an article on  a 56-year old man died because he drank 16 eight onces of unsweetened iced black tea a day. The reason for his death was due to high oxalate levels found in his kidneys. Here’s a quote on how that happened:
“Black tea constitutes upwards of 80 percent of the tea consumed in the United States, and it is high in oxalate, a chemical that is a metabolic byproduct in many plants. If a person is eating a lot of those plants oxalate can build up in the kidneys and lead to renal failure. In this case, the doctors did a biopsy of the man’s kidneys and found oxalate throughout the renal tissue.”
source: The Atlantic

Yes, even I was shocked to read this. Honestly, I wasn’t that shocked because we can love things as much as we want but when it crosses the limit and goes to the “too much” area it can be rather fatal. This is a claim that the author of the article, James Hamblin, also supports with saying: a bit of something is good which doesn’t mean a lot of it is good.
I’ll end this blog post on that note…

Meet you here… next time 🙂


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