It’s Arty Saturday!

Hello lovelies,

For Arty Saturday 2015 I want to take a whole different approach. Of course, I want to explain my art pieces but this year I want to take you on a journey of how I get inspired. Rememeber!: I paint abstract art which means that I do not literally copy something but its more about the semiotics or representation of either a feeling or pattern. Speaking of patterns today I want to share some inspirational pics I encountred this week which I see as a form of collection where I get inspiration from for my next painting. Now you must be wondering whether I do have other paintings to show or not. Of course I do!

Ever heard of the saying all pieces will make a whole. Well…That’s exactly how I see the mosaic chairs in whole Amsterdam. When you look at them from a far the look so composed and well put together to represent a whole. However, when you take a look up close and look at each individual tiles they are so different. They are one color but individual different patterns.

I also took a picture of my ballerina shoe because I like the way the stones glistered in the sun and the grey(ish) fabric. I find it a very nice source of inspiration.

IMG_11092015-07-03 13.44.142015-07-03 13.45.092015-07-03 13.45.262015-07-03 13.46.052015-07-03 13.46.26

See you next Arty Saturday 🙂


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