Difference between Tea and Tisane

These two words have been running a marathon in my head. The further I research about tea the more frequent I see these two buddies, Tea and Tisane. While we all know what tea is and its many variants, we might not know what a tisane is. Well, don’t worry anymore as I will tell you how these two vary?

Originally (all some forms of) tea comes from a plant called Camelia Sinensis, however, the type of tea is only determined due to high or low levels of oxidation which is a process when fresh tea leaves are dried, rolled and withered. High levels of oxidation turn into Black tea whereas lower levels cater to greener and whiter tea. Some might say that the latter are the purest forms of tea.

Tisanes also known as herbal tea or fruit tea are hot drinks that are usually presented in tea bags and loosely (like looseleaf tea). They contain dried fruits or nuts and are brewed in the same way as tea is but they do not come from tea leaves of Camelia Sinensis.

So there you have it. I hope you could find what you were looking for when reading this post.

See you at the next one:)!


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