Where Have I been?

A four word question, which is easy to avoid but hard to answer. A lot has happened since my last post. While my new year resolutions still remains at the back of my mind, I have worked on getting all my 60 credits of the first year and passing second year exams.
I have yet to find an international internship in The Netherlands. I have heard many people talk about how hard it is in finding an international internship, however, I am now experiencing how hard it actually is. Is it wrong of me for clearly expressing it? Should I fear in losing an internship because I express this? I don’t think so as I prefer being honest then lying about problems/tensions which are facing me.

I probably shouldn’t write about this but do you know what annoys me the most. It is when reading internship positions where two things are so clear that I’d have to be stupid not to notice it:
1. Companies who want cheap labor.
These companies list tasks for HBO interns which are lower than their educational level. Moreover, they add so many Bring-me-coffee- type of tasks which is why when reading such a job position you should be able to read between the lines. I once read an article saying that an internship should guide students into the industries and teach them the trade. A lot of companies, however, only want interns who work without guiding them.
2. Companies who ask for more than 2 years of experience.
I have no words for these types of companies just a well-known meme.Vishnu_blog_experience_meme

Well, I can’t really keep quiet. A lot of websites claim that if you don’t have much experience then you should highlight your passion and things you have achieved. I can clearly state my passion, highlight my skills and all the things I have achieved so far.  But even after that, this question still comes next.

It’s a hassle people but instead of bickering about it which I’d love to do, however, it does not solve the problem. I still have to find an internship.

Anyways: Since school ends soon, I will be starting to blog again. Yeahhh, which means, tea reviews, tea articles, and lifestyle related articles. Guess what: Arty saturday returns soon so stay tuned and join me again on the journey of making tea fashionable. Oh and I have other great news to tell you all!!

Tjuss Lovelies 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where Have I been?

    1. Hello Miszblessed,
      I am looking for an online marketing, content editing internship. However, currently I am in the process with a company of getting an internship. I just received a phone call yesterday, so we’ll see how it goes. Fingerscrossed 🙂
      Thanks for the offer 🙂

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