DIY – You have to try

When it comes to summer we love to look our best and express ourselves in our own way to others. One of the ways to go about it is by pimping up your old clothes and accessories, buy or create new ones. Now, there it is the word create, you can get creative while following a DIY tutorial by selecting your own colors, shapes or designs. Pinterest is the perfect go to social medium where you can get inspiration for everything but especially DIYs. The best thing about this platform is that some people have already tried them and tell you whether it’s a fail or win.
I have come across some lovely, eye candy grabbing DIY and instead of sharing them on Marustan’s DIY Pinterest board, I’d rather do it here. Check out these 3 really cool and easy DIY projects

1. Tote Bags –
Ever since I came to the Netherlands I’ve seen these babies being strutted by high fashion women and modern hipsters. Each of them had different designs and textures in which people could express themselves, however, I wondered how you could give it a DIY twist until I saw this tutorial. It’s super easy and you can use your own colors and shapes. In this article they mention that the only things you need are sponge, fabric paint, your tote bag (of course) and a piece of thick paper.


2. Look at my headphone
When it comes to DIY we should never forget PS. I made This. I believe that this website is the reason DIY culture became so mainstream and popular. These mood boards are so inspiring and it sets the mood just right. Honestly, this tutorial is ah-ma-zing and you won’t believe that it’s oh-so-easy.

3. Music
Since we’re on the music train, let’s discuss earplugs. Don’t you think its annoying when you neatly place your earplugs in your pocket and it comes out fumbled all in knots. Darn, don’t I hate that! In an article, written by Buzzfeed, they got a solution for this which shows that all items in your house have several purposes.


See ya on the next post


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