Long time

Whenever Surinamese people havent seen each other in a long time, they just greet each other with: “heyyyyyy, long time man, long time”

Long time peeps, Oef, a lot has happened since my last blog post. To start this post with a good news, I got my Propedeuzeeeee yeahj. I am so happy and relieved of this stressful period. It felt like a roller coaster ride through infinity that just didn’t want to stop!

After yet a milestone I am more convinced of what I can do and what I’m able to do. But enough of this: I wanted to share my kingsday through the pictures I took. Hence these are taken with my iPhone4 (which really needs to be replaced by the way).

 I came across this when I was walking near the canals which looks like the right representation of Kingsday 2015 with a lot of booze, drunk people, random orange confetti on the streets and yet another random thing I saw was a matress! Can you believe that? I wonder what they would do with a matress? 



This was at one of the streets near the Rembrands Square where loud music  especially dutch music was playing and the people standing with the flag were play backing these somgs which was lots of fun to watch.           









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