New Year….Old Me


First things first, Happy New Year!! How was your turn of the year? At this point, I’m reading lots of blogs on what their and their blogs’ new year resolutions are. I’m quite overwhelmed and inspired to write my own. Yesterday I had an intense feeling to write resolutions for 2015, this is the first that came to me.

NYR New Years resolution, New year quote, quote of this year, This quote seemed as if it was in the air that made its way to my paper, it only felt good. To refer back to the title of this blog New Year Old Me simply means that I am in another year, but I’ll still be my old self. *No New Year New Me* Yes, there will be situations where I will redefine myself but that will not change who I am. By following this quote I will not forget last year’s quote, it means that I’m taking it along.

Are there things I would love to do in 2015?

Of course there are! I love to experience and try new stuff.
(Me)Marustans bucket list for 2015: *dum dum dum dum mmmm*

1. Write other tea related articles (not only reviews)
During the one week one tea article a day, I discovered that writing tea reviews is fun but for a beverage like tea I could write more types of items than just reviews. Therefore, I challenge myself to produce more tea related articles.

2. Avoid writing only tea articles
Well well, I kinda…noticed… that I recently wrote a lot of these and kinda… ignored the other rooms. If you like it I’ll keep doing it but Memarustan also has other rooms and I can’t spend that much time in the tea room.

3. Travel to three cities in the Netherlands (Recommendations? Comment box is open. Even on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
I love the wanderlust, it’s just something else you know. Traveling to a place you’ve never been and that too without a plan. I think that you see so much more then when you do have one. When you do have a plan, then you’ll decide whether you want to see a place or not. If you don’t see it, you might miss out on an adventure.

The cities I have been to so far are Zwolle, Maastricht, Groningen, The Hague, Haarlem, Arnhem, Breda, Rotterdam(but I haven’t strolled around yet), Amsterdam(of course) and Zaandam (wonderful city during the December holidays).

4. Travel to two other cities outside the Netherlands
Yeah, I want to go to Antwerp and visit Cuperus again. My tea leaves are almost finished and I want more. There are some places I haven’t seen yet and I want to visit those too. Next year around September I’ll have to do an internship abroad. I am so excited to go, but I don’t know where I’ll go, yet.

As you know, I am studying International Communication Management which I absolutely adore as it gives me an opportunity to broaden my horizon on the communication industry. As of this year, I want to go on an internship in a foreign country *I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope to find an online editorial/marketing place soon*

5. Enjoy the journey
Enjoy everything that will happen. I just feel it, great things will happen to this blog. I will enjoy the journey and savor many moments.


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