Hangover #5

Holidays are to celebrate and at this point it doesn’t matter how we celebrate it. Some people chillax with their family members, friends and a couple of bottles of wine are usually part of this ensemble. And then comes the day after when they throw up and get a headache all day. It’s almost 2015 and you don’t have to suffer from a hangover anymore. There is always a solution to a problem and tea just might solve this.

Not only is ginger good for your throat when you’re sick it is proved to also relieve that nauseous feeling the day after.  Ginger settles your upset tummy and gets rid of the nauseous * “I want to throw up every time” feeling*.
Now that’s good news ain’t it. But how do you make this magical power drink. It’s really simple follow these steps and DIY:

What you’ll need are:
Water (Duh)
Fresh Ginger
Honey( as a sweetener)

Here’s how to go about it:
First wash your fresh ginger and cut it into slices (Doesn’t matter how big) Then boil some water in a pan and then add the ginger after 6 minutes. After you’ve added the ginger let it cook out and simmer for 20 more minutes. This way the water will get the taste of ginger. If it’s finished extract the ginger out of the ginger tea, add some honey and finitó!

See you tomorrow for #6!


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