Tea problems #4

Christmas is all about being together with friends and family. It’s the holiday to feel the warmth of togetherness, to feel like you belong somewhere or to have someone with you to celebrate this joyous day.
If you ever feel lonely on this holiday or any other day and you just might be sipping some tea, join a tea community. Say what? Tell me what do you do if you have no clue how long to steep your tea? Or if you don’t know how hot your water should be?

Naturally you would look up on the internet and check out what the manufacturer has to say. Sometimes there is nothing but the information on why they produced the tea and how it will influence the next 7-10 minutes when you will be drinking it. On such occasions I can get really frustrated and confused, I mean I’m already swayed by those joyous sentences and the next step is to make it as perfect as possible. In this case there are many sites to help you with this. I was shocked to find out that there was a whole community dedicated to Tea and Tea drinkers. *this made me feel so special*

Since my journey on expressing my love for tea I have discovered some platforms where other tea enthousiasts are. One of these are:


Whenever I want some inspiration or information about a specific tea or ingredient I first just Google and if google doesn’t satisfy my needs I hop on and go to Steepster. On Steepster you can share a log of the teas you drink and include ratings, tasting notes and preparation details like steep times and temperatures. It’s a different way to discover new teas.
Steepster helps you find new teas to try by showing you a stream of what your friends are drinking. This way, you get recommendations from people you know and trust. You’ll broaden your horizons and try new teas.
With Steepster Select, Steepster works with tea companies around the world to bring you a monthly sampling of interesting teas. *definitely gonna try this*.
Source: Steepster.com

See you tomorrow for #5



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