Sweet sips #1

Welcome to the first sweet sips tea review! I’m so excited to be writing these reviews.
The first tea review will be the Yogi Tea, Sweet Chai. Yogi Tea has been strolling around my Instagram for a while, and I have been thinking about the right date to put a review up on the blog. Why? Yogi Tea is a special kind of tea. Sometimes in life, all we need are signs to lead us in the right directions. In my experience yogi tea kind of does that. How? On the tea tags, there are quotes and wise sayings. The funny thing is, each of these sayings is just what I needed in the day. That’s kinda weird, but I like this weirdness, it’s a right kind of weirdness. I even have my own little ritual when selecting the bag for the day. I close my eyes and let my fingers stroke the tea bags that are in the tea box. When my fingers feel just right, they stop and pick up the tea bag for the day. Sometimes there are quotes that I don’t get and sometimes there are quotes which I’d rather not read.

I opened the tea package and let my fingers stroke each and every tea bag. They stopped and without removing the tea sachet I pulled out the tea quote because surprisingly enough I am more excited about the quote than the tea itself.

Sweet Chai - Sweet Sips series #1
Truth is just an idea if it is not lived

This one here has so many pure ingredients that you taste them all at once. You first taste and smell the anise, then after gulping the tea, it tastes like licorice (which is also one of the ingredients).  One of the ingredients that are also very prominent here is black pepper and ginger which gives it a spicy taste.

Sweet sips, Chai Tea, Yogi Tea review

Yogi Tea Sweet Chai Review on MemarustanAfter steeping for 7 minutes, this Sweet Chai has a yellowish brown color to it. You can add sugar to it if you want but if you like it pure, it’s also delicious.

IMG_4286 IMG_4285

I really like the imagery on this package. It’s as if it tells a story you know. You see two figures which I think are Radha and Krishna inside an ayurvedic spiced tea cup. What I also like is the barcode it’s something I haven’t seen before a silhouette of a person in a yoga position who might be sitting on the barcode.


See you tomorrow on Memarustan for tea review #2.



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