Green Hammam

Days in the winter are long but seem to go so fast. I still can remember what I did his last week! Savouring moments is not the best option because before you know it time is up. When you think that you are starting at 4 pm within a view snaps it’s already 8pm. Yes, it goes that fast! Even though it goes that fast that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. There are lots of teas I grab to drink but today it like to talk about yet another special tea.

When you drink this one it’s sweet and almost tastes like a delicate flower insert weird question mark here 🙂  The lavender gives it a soft touch. I drink this one without sugar because it’s not necessary to do so. I love teas where even though you have sweet tooth you don’t have to add any sugar because it already has that taste.
You open the tea box and it instantly says hello with a nice message written on it. You open it up and voilà there are 15 tea bags waiting to be tasted and feasted on. You can drink one tea bag per cup or pot.

IMG_3854_Fotor IMG_3850_Fotor IMG_3865_Fotor IMG_3867_Fotor IMG_3869_Fotor IMG_3859_Fotor



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