Hug in a cup

Do you know what a nice setting for drinking tea is? Usually people grab a couple of books and their favorite cup of tea and sit on their warm most comfortable chair or they watch a movie and drink tea.

The book that is currently the talk of the town is The fault in our stars. Honestly I haven’t read the book but I have seen the movie and it is a very heavy, truthful and painful movie. The emotion is so strong that it leaves you wondering if such things do happen and the truth is, it does. If the movie is so heavy, I wonder how the book would be. In my Pink ribbon post I wrote that I lost people who had many forms of cancer. In the movie you get to see how some of these people live and for such an emotional baring movie you have to have something next to you that says: “It happens and it is for many the truth but it is merely a movie and I’m here”. For me its tea and Bollywood music after watching such a movie.
Bare in mind that I didn’t drink this tea then but after I drank the tea I thought about this movie. After drinking this tea you get a feeling as if there are still nice things in the world and that might just be one of them. And that you do deserve to have and drink nice things.
Okay, I’m not going to let you wait anymore. The tea I’m talking about is the lipton blueberry muffin tea. I never thought that I would ever give a tea a yummy factor but maybe I should start doing that. On the scale of full five starred yummy stars this tea ranks at 4 stars. I’ll tell you why:
After setting this tea, it’s aroma finds a way to your nose at a distance. At that point you should not be seduced in drinking it right away but give it its time let it steep for 3 minutes.
You can see that the color is extracting from the tea triangle
It is becoming a bit darker
glow in the sun
And this is the result. A warm, dark red hug in a cup. Yummy factor 4

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