Good afternoon

Update on my life and why there is currently no life on the blog.

I am in my exam time and this one is a very important one as it will help me gain my Propedeuse(I have no clue whats it called in English). A Propedeuse is a certificate that says that you can complete the whole
study program till you get your degree. If you get this certificate you can also opt to do another study program at a University eg UVA, VU etc.
This certificate is the real deal every first year or second year student, in The Netherlands studying at a University of Applied Sciences, has to get this certificate or else they can’t continue the study program.

I still have to get this certificate and I’m currently busy studying like crazy. That is why life on Marustan has stopped a bit and there are no new articles. Some of Marustan’s social media accounts are still active such as Pinterest because I just love the daily inspiration I can give and get there.

I want wish all students good luck who have to study and get their Propedeuse or get good grades

Remember that you rock so your grades have to rock too.


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