Realizing what’s important

The magic is in believing

**Disclaimer: This post is to all people who want to go to college and who are in college but need a little motivation/inspiration.

Believe you can and you are halfway there.
Theodore Roosevelt

What he said is true. Whatever you wish to do in life or at school or college. You have to believe that you’re able to do it. You know, I think there is a difference between knowing you can do something and believing you can do something. It’s like this:
In once upon a time season 2-3 Henry didn’t believe that he was the only one who could save magic in Neverland but after some motivation from Pan he did. At some point Henry began to realize that he can save magic because he believed he could. After he believed he knew what he had to do.

See, after believing you can do something you will automatically know you can do it . When you used to go to elementary and high school you did so because it was mandatory of your parents or the government. Once you step your foot in college or once you choose to go to college you go there because you want to create a future for yourself. While you are on a road to your future it can sometimes get sturdy and you can have the feeling that you might want to return where you began. The important thing here is to shut all your thoughts up an continue to walk, stride or run.  (whatever your pace is)
Your decision to start began because you believed that once you’re in college you will complete you studies. This believe turned into knowing you can do it and being sure that you can. Once you have this feeling you can do whatever you want because you have the willpower. But… you still have to make your homework, hand in your reports on time and study for your tests/exams on time 🙂 All magic comes with a price deary. Seeing that I have to do the same now, I’ll say goodbye and see you on the next post!

If you are looking for some study tips, Check out this post. And no I am not going to send you on a roller coaster on Memarustan. I am a student too and when I look for something I want it now and directly. So here it is


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