Arabic music and bellydance songs

Arabic music – Say what?!

Background image source: J.Victor
Hi readers,

I just wanted to share an article that I’ve wanted to share in a long time. My love for Arabic Music.
Yes, you read that right. I like a music type that is very uncommon for a lady like me. But where did this unusual passion come from?
Arabic music and bellydance songs
When I was about sixteen years old. I began dancing bellydance. In an instant I fell in love with this language and the way these people were singing. I began learning techniques like the shimmy, hip drop and figure eights. I think everybody that has danced a certain type of style knows the exhilarating feeling it gives you. For at least 4 minutes it makes you feel as if you are somebody else, you can crawl in a character, imagine and live moments you haven’t before.
Through dancing Bellydance on Arabic music I told different stories of course these were different because every song was different. I don’t remember the songs I used to practice to but I do remember this one singer. Nancy ajram, she is a world famous Lebanese singer who captures true emotion in singing a song. When she is sad you really feel it, when she is happy you can hear the joy in her voice. The beat underneath some of her songs are as if they are made to bellydance. The tabla that you hear before the song shik shak shok begins. I can tell you all about it but true experience is when you listen to it yourself. Just type shik shak shok in YouTube and you’ll find it


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