Making choices

Making choices

They say life is all about making the right choices and I guess those who said it aren’t right not or are they wrong. And here’s why:

Today, while I was viewing my Pinterest feed I saw which pictures came on my timeline and which I would possibly Pin. A girl I am following was pinning a lot of pictures about running, cardio and fitness while another pinner was posting pictures about mouth-watering sweet delicacies and pastries.
Sometimes we are often at the road of picking and choosing. And maybe unconsciously we are making a choice but we aren’t aware of doing it. Take this situation as an example:
If I pinned an image of the mouth-watering sprinkled Oreo coated in chocolate instead of the Sunday Runday image, would I be choosing for the current unhealthy route? Does this mean that I am unconsciously thinking that this picture is better for me at the moment then the one that promotes good health?

The answer to is that there is no good answer to this. The thing is, at the moment I might have felt that it is the right image to pin on a specific board. That would be a short-term objective but if that’s good on the long run might be questionable. But then what is a right choice to make?
I guess a right choice might not always be a choice you are making at the spur of the moment. Just because you might have felt like it.
A right choice is also in the eye of the beholder. Just because someone thinks its right doesn’t always make it right.
A good choice is something we think through and think about what impact it might have on our current situation but also about our future. If it influences our situation and possibly that of others in a positive way then High Five, you’ve made a good decision!
Now that we are talking about good, what about the bad? What if you took a decision in the ecstasy of the moment and it did not have a positive influence on your situation? Or what if you did think it through but yet it wasn’t the right choice?
That choice is a lesson learned. Every decision, choice or thing you pick is a lesson learn. It could be one you love or one you might regret. Either way it will influence you and you will gain experience in it. Maybe an experience you might be proud to show off on you family, friends, or even on your résumé.


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