Good Harvest

The Review

Whenever I leave the house in the morning, my mother insists that I should eat before going to school. Since I am such a tea fanatic, of course, drinking tea is a standard at my breakfast table. But recently I have discovered that not all types of tea are suitable for this morning meal. And certainly not all the types I would drink at my sanctuary. The reason is when I eat breakfast I try to eat as fast as possible so that I can be at school very early. And drinking a tea where I’d rather taste every ingredient and the way it has a lasting effect on my tongue is just not one of my picks of the early in the morning day.  Today I’d like to share the tea that I can drink both at my sanctuary and in the morning when preparing to go to school.
When I wake up, I shower and dress and go downstairs. If I’m early and I still have the time, I set to water for my tea. I lay my breakfast on the table and wait for my water to get cooked. After I have done that I take whatever tea I like, in this case, the tea below, and steep it for the recommended time which is usually about 3 minutes.

Cuperus adress

package content

I bought GH on my trip to Antwerp. First I have to say that this tea has a rich golden brown color. The color surprised me, and I was eager to taste this tea. This tea is called Goeden Oogst which means Good Harvest in English. It is a mix of green tea with oolong tea and has small caramelized apple pieces with cinnamon.

Tea color

It smells a lot like bubblegum, and I think that makes this tea inviting to drink. This tea also is a loose leaf tea like the other one I bought. It has loose green leaves with small apple pieces in it. It steeps for less than 3 minutes. If you steep it longer than that it’ll have a strong sour taste which is not pleasant.

foto 3

I like drinking this tea, as mentioned above, in the morning. It might take a slight bit longer than usual to prepare, but once you start drinking it, it is all worth the effort. It’s a nice way to start your morning and just to focus on the things the day will bring. As for drinking this tea at my oasis, it isn’t a tea that will give you a soothing effect. It is more a type of tea that will stimulate positive thinking.

Interesting Internet Findings

While stumbling upon websites and blog articles, I found an amazing finding. I never thought it was possible to have a tea calendar. And I’m not talking about a calendar with tea pictures on it but is the other way around. Yes! Tea with calendar days and numbers on it. Shocked aren’t ya. Well, who are these mind-blowing inventors? This concept is invented by Hälssen & Lyon, they have always been ahead of time, and this calendar proves it. They joined the oldest beverage in the world with the oldest promotion tool. You can actually rip the tea from the calendar and drink it. Click on the source of the photo to know more about this calendar…



source: Joquz


2 thoughts on “Good Harvest

  1. Ik vond het ook hartstikke leuk om jou eindelijk in real life te ontmoeten! Wat gaaf dat het je lekker lijkt, is hij ook!
    I also found it very nice to finally meet you in real life! What cool that you like this tea!


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