Savour Your Moments

As I sit on my balcony sipping sweet sugar-free clipper tea. I reflect on my vacation and begin planning for the upcoming college days. I really feel how important it is to sit back and enjoy these precious moments while they last. While taking another spoonful of my suji ka halwa with whipped cream, I know that from monday on I will have moments almost like these but not quite the same. The silence that is within me, the peace that I radiate and the feeling that I don’t have to worry because I won’t have to hand in a paper tomorrow or next week will not be the same as this sweet everlasting moment. I now know why people say that you should savour the moment. I always pictured it would be with people but what happens when those people aren’t there. What happens when you are alone?
You learn to savour it by yourself because as Siham said you will live with yourself for the rest of your life.  Here is a step by step guide that could help you relish moments by yourself. It’s also one I learned from my 21 years of life experience.
Savour your moment Step 1: Find your sanctuary
Find a place where you feel save and where you can enjoy. A place that SCREAMS, yes, this is me. If you don’t have that yet try visualizing that place. If you are not such a visual person try Pinterest(they have tons of images that could make you day-dream in 3 seconds).

Step 2: Know with which feeling you are going there
You should know with which feeling you want to enjoy this special moment. The fun thing about having a sanctuary is that you don’t have to go there for one purpose only. You can go there for many reasons such as reflecting but also just staying calm and thinking about nothing. To clear your mind. If you want to listen to music do that. You can also try to set the feeling. By feeling very enthusiastic about going there already prepares you for this moment.

Step 3: Bring food!
Yes! Food is an essential part. It adds the decoration to your moments and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive.
Tip: If you prepare it special enough it will be fancy because you put your whole heart and soul into it. You did it so that you can enjoy your special moment at your sanctuary.
But be aware though. I honestly do not like eating unhealthy foods or foods that I might regret eating later on. I think it ruins the feeling after the moment because after you’ve had such a moment you wouldn’t want the feeling that would sound like this: “It was a great moment but too bad I binge that much.”
Your savouring moment is about making you feel good even after it has ended. I am not saying that you should eat super healthy food but know your limits and don’t choose food that goes to the I-feel-bad-about-myself-zone.

Step 4: Know who to bring into your sanctuary
This is a very, and I repeat, very important step. Why? When you bring someone in your sanctuary, you bring that person into your own ‘circle of trust’ (oops am I quoting Robert de Niro of meet the parents, yup I am!). If something might happen to your relationship with that person. And you might despise that person for some reason. Your feeling of your sanctuary might change. It is of course up to you if you like that change or not. If you don’t then be cautious of who you let in. Ultimately every choice/decision is a lesson whether it is good or not.

If you feel like I’ve missed a few steps, Feel free to add yours in the comment square…


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