I believe in a REASON

Do you know what I believe in? I believe in a reason. There is always a reason things happen the way they do. How worse it may seem or be. When a situation occurs you should always ask why. Why? Because there is always a why to ask. You know, I have experienced this in my way of watching Bollywood movies. No, I am serious here and I would highly appreciate it if you’d take me serious aswell. I need you to understand me here.

Ever since I was five years old, I watch Bollywood movies. I haven’t stopped ever since, although I haven’t watched many since I came living in the Netherlands. But the few that I have watched brought great knowledge to my ever-knowledge-seeking brain. Sometimes when I am in the need of watching a Bollywood movie I watch a movie that I could’ve watched the year it released but did not do so. And I ask myself why haven’t I watched it then? And why am I watching it now? I guess the answer is that my situation was different then and it is different now. The moral, knowledge, gyaan, kennis whatever you want to call it that I received now would not have applied in the same way it would apply then. And that’s why I believe in a reason. Let me give you two examples.

1. Aarakshan (released in 2011)
I just finished watching Aarakshan. The moral, that I received from the story is that Education is Power and The biggest Power is standing up for what is right, Believing in yourself to know that what ever you think is right is the right thing to do and fight for it.  If I’d watched this movie in 2011, the year it released, I would just have ignored this movie and labelled as yet another Mahaan wala movie. Now that I have watched it in 2014 and my situation is different, I get the true message this movie wants to send (which is the above). I think I needed this message as I’m in a period of my life where I think about my plans. I am a very ambitious person and want to achieve a lot. I know that Education is Power. The further you get in life and the job positions you want can be achieved with Education. But that isn’t the only thing, you will need willpower and a healthy dose of driven passion. This is my current success ingredient so far, studying + will power + a healthy dose of driven passion. This (plus these) is exactly what keeps me going at times when I’m down or feeling a bit unmotivated.

2. 3 Idiots (released in 2009)
3 Idiots is another education themed Bollywood movie.
This movie is about following your passion and studying towards your passion. I strongly believe that you should follow your passions because that is, ultimately, where your happiness lies. If you are your happiest self you are more productive, creative and enjoy an euphoric life. This movie also has a purpose which is making people aware that it is possible to follow your passions. This movie also inspires people to follow their passions with education. I watched this movie in summer 2012 and it was just the right time because I was in a period of my life where I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to study further. But I did want to study further. I always knew that I wanted to work in the media industry but I didn’t know in which field. I always loved writing, describing situations and developing this hobby but did not know which jobs were suitable for this talent/skill. By studying International Communication Management I am able to practice and polish this skill, besides writing I can also glaze other skills such as visualizing, thinking and executing worthwhile creative concepts and many more! This is a nice study with endless skills which I can apply in various ways, future jobs and possible collaborations.

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