Doğuş Yeşil Çay

This week was a very busy week. I helped preparing for my cousins first birthday which was so much fun and a lot of work. We made preparations for this birthday since friday morning till a few hours before the party which was on Saturday. After doing such work I realized what a nice fine cup of tea’s worth is. After coming home from such a long, fun, tiring but very joyous  day I asked my mother to put some tea for me. And she did and it was so worth it. The soreness of my feet slowly ebbed away and for a while I re-enjoyed the day from playing outside with the kids to taking pictures (It’s not something I do very often but when it happens, it’s always fun). The tea that made me chill and relax isn’t the tea I’ll review today. You can click here if you want to read about my comfort tea*.

The tea that I ‘ll be reviewing today is a tea I bought at the same day as my comfort tea in the same country. This tea is a green tea with cinnamon clove from the turkish brand Dogus. Yesil cay

A green tea with a very nice and natural package. The green color comes of as natural and gives a calming effect. As you can see the name of this tea is in Turkish and the translation is in a smaller font. Without understanding the language you will easily see that this is a cinnamon tea due to the illustrations on the package.
(Tip! Çay means tea in both turkish and Hindi. Whenever you spot the word Çay somewhere you’ll now know what it means 😉 This package is a basic package which opens as a ‘normal’ tea package.

While drinking this tea you definitely taste the cinnamon. It almost tastes like a creamy black tea. That’s because, as the site refers, it has a soft touch to it. And also because cinnamon itself has a very creamy and spicy taste. Thats why it has multiple purposes and people use it in different dishes.
If you’ve ever read my tea reviews, you know that I adore a tea where the aroma and the taste match. This tea takes care of my senses and makes my nose very happy. Love the taste and the aroma. I would also really love incense in this aroma. Wow, would my house smell amazing! This tea is also very appealing to my eyes with this nice golden color.

I love tea

Yess, if you follow Marustan’s Facebook page, you might have noticed that it is Marustan’s  1 month tea review anniversary! Yeah! To celebrate this I bought a new cup at one of my favorite stores, Xenos. This I-Love-Tea cup costs around three euros. What ya think about it?

I Love Tea


3 thoughts on “Doğuş Yeşil Çay

    1. What a coincidence Pretty loved! I drank rooibos tea this morning! I do think it has a pretty sharp taste but is similar to cinnamon tea. Thank you for commenting and I’ll give my cousin an extra hug for you ❤

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