2013 is LOVE

Sometimes it is nice to reflect and to think about what happened the past few weeks, months and year. In year 2013 I was convinced that, that year would bring me love. Guess what? It did but not in the way you are thinking…

The year 2013 learned me how to love and appreciate myself. It thought me how proud I should be of myself for passing my HAVO as a Dutch Surinamese girl who was brought up in Suriname. It gave me the strength and courage to study further. It thought me that by accepting myself just the way I am is the best way to live because I have to live with myself my whole life. And why should I waste my time by not feeling good about myself or not appreciating myself. It’s a pity, a waste of time, and not worth thinking about.

In some way I had a lot of love for this year. I felt it in the air, way before the year started. I painted my predictions in this painting. I felt that the year 2013 was a year for new beginnings, love, inspirations, health, happiness, prosperity and different deeper feelings.




Why come with this is now and not earlier?

You should always reflect on how you feel or work. It is important because you’ll get an insight on the things you did right and the things you can improve. By reflecting on yourself you can constantly change the way you view yourself, your situation or others. You can see what changed and what the difference is between last year and this year.  By reflecting I see how last year changed me and when my new beginning started.

In this year I made yet another painting. I was so convinced that this year was a year for, all the above of course and, love. If you would manipulate the numbers of 2013 a bit  you would get the word love.  2013


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