3 Blogs I Read Every Night

Every night before I go to sleep I open my Bloglovin app and begin reading different types of blog posts. Although in the morning I just remember a few, some are still stuck in my head. Some of these would be blogs that give you tips on how to develop your blog, writing style or just technical tips to make your blog look more appealing. I love these types of blogs because they help you grow and they enhance your knowledge about the blogging world. Today I’d like to share 3 blogs I read daily for inspiration and tips on how to polish your blog in different ways.

What type of blogs do you LOVE to read?
What type of blogs do you LOVE to read?

#3. katelynbrooke.com

I stumbled upon Kate’s blog via Pinterest. I was endlessly searching for ways to improve my blog and social media channels or just to get inspired. The thing that drew me to her blog were her images. Images really have to ‘speak’ to me if I’d want them to direct me to a website. Kate is a designer, developer and a collaborator.  I have just recently (meaning this month) started to read her blog but man, does she know how to incorporated social media in her blogposts. And not only that, yu can see her

#2. Xomisse blog design

“It takes less than 1 second to form a first impression about a person. Kind of crazy right? But more importantly, it takes even less time to form a first impression about a website and as we know first impressions are lasting impressions. Your website is important, it creates that lasting impression and it needs to be amazing!”  — Xomisse

Whenever I’m on my computer or iPhone reading inspiring articles, I get to see beautifully designed websites. These are one of the key-factors that draw me in as a reader. I often wonder how I could draw a reader into my blog and whether that would have the same effect as when I get drawn in. Almost every night I read Xomisse’s new post or posts from previous days. She gives tips on subjects ranging from SEO to image editing to copyright law to creating your own blog. She guides you into the world of HTML with her picture tutorials.

#1. Elembee.com

This ones funny. I found Elembees blog through Kate’s! I started following her since last week and, until now, I am not disappointed. She gives tips on how to start business through blogging, creating editorial calendars (and why they’re important),  creating a graphic style guide (here she tells you why its important to stay consistent) etc. It’s like an online book filled with tips which is something I can’t get enough of.

Reading has always been one of my many passions and it still is. The fact that I don’t have to hold a flashlight at night to read a book is very liberating ( my poor arm when I was young 😦 ). Now with the current technology (God, I sound old), I get to read everyday (and night) and stay up to date on the newest trends and peaks in this oh so social online world. It’s like getting to know a place you haven’t visited before and actually really liking it. Btw, this is my reaction to all lovely designed websites.





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