Music and awkward social moments

A nice way to break the ice is to find a common/shared ground. When trying to find something you have in common with a person, you start by asking questions to generate a conversation. The most frequent question asked is: “Which artists do you listen to? Who are your favorite singers?”
Every time someone asks me these type of questions, I blame Spotify for not being able to answer. Why?
Spotify is an amazing app and music library which I use daily, weekly and monthly. You have so many options in different languages. Even Surinamese songs are on Spotify. You can create playlists and listen to them on and offline. What you can also do is listen to Spotify’s own playlist. This is why I can’t answer the questions above properly. I listen to almost all Spotify’s playlists. You can choose from different moods you are into to different genres you’d like to listen at the moment. Whenever I’m in a happy mood, I just click browse –> genres and moods –> sub genres–> Happy. It’s that easy. Whenever I like to focus on my homework or focus while studying I like to listen to that type of music. And there are like more than 10 playlists with different artists in each of them.

Sometimes when people ask me what type of music I listen to, I’ll say that I like almost everything.

….(awkward moment)….

It gets awkward and I get the: “How can you like almost everything? You must have some you can name.” stare. Honestly, when this situation occurs I sometimes choose to ignore the stare. But when it gets too obvious and I have to elaborate my answer. I reach for my iPhone (which is usually in my hand), go to my Spotify app(which is a bit slower with 3G) and scroll through my playlists and songs that I’ve listened to in the past week. And not only does this process take a lot of time, I list every singer! This can add up to more than 20 singers.
The thing is, I love music and I listen to all types of music. Here are my top 7 of the past week.
1. Magic by Coldplay
2. A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay
3. Skinny Dipping by The Him
4. Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) by Jason Derulo
5. Summer by Calvin Harris
6. Break Free by Ariana Grande
7. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

What do you like to listen to?


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