I usually don’t have a clue or purpose when I begin painting. I just put on my music, sprawl my acrylics on the ground and stare at my canvas for ten minutes long. Haha, just kidding. Obviously the latter isn’t true. My purpose for this painting was to paint anything but flowers. At the point I was painting too many flowers and I was kind of sick of it. I also didn’t want to paint with too many colors. I wanted to limit to only 3-4 colors. But I thought it needs to be a bit special so I closed my eyes and as always sprawled my acrylics on the ground. The first 3-4 colors that I would touch are the ones that I will use. And the lucky colors were red, blue, white, brown and green.


The specifics:
This painting represents balance. The reason it represents balance because I have split it in half of which the other half represents warmth (with the color red) and the other side represents  cold.  I wanted to paint anything than the usual that is why I gave the heart not a red color but a green-brown color. The red and blue background is separated with a white line. I bristled some blue and red paint on each background.

The meaning:

Nobody has only one characteristic, there are always two or more. It’s the same as in The Netherlands, although its is extremely hot at the moment. It will be winter in a few months :(.  We could be hot with temper or calmed down. And which color is usually used when to simulate calmness? Exactly blue. But what point do I want to make here?

The point I want to make here:

The beautiful thing about being a human is that we are in balance. We balance out everything and every moment has its own time. We can be calm but the next second we could be very angry and it doesn’t even take a lot of time when that happens. As you can see the white line between red and blue isn’t that thick. But the nice thing about this too is that there is always a white line between being angry to being calmed down again.

It doesn’t only  have to be anger or calm but we can also look at this from all kinds of antonyms. And the magic here is to know how to apply these antonyms.



2 thoughts on “Balance

    1. That’s so true Melissa! I have experienced that in many ways and that is one of the best ways to start painting. It is like you’re painting unconsciously and you let your emotions do the work.
      Love your comment, thanks!


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