Orient Sunset – Coconut flavoured Tea

Aaah, it feels so nice to write for Marustan again. After months of only typing reports and portfolios my fingers have longed for some real blog writing.

This is the dutch tea paper bag of Orient Sunset Finest tea Coconut flavor.
Tea cup with the coconut tea bag

I bought this tea at Xenos in Osdorp. At that time they were on sale, so if you bought one you’d get the other for free and it only cost €1-. My mind was spinning there and then, I instantly bought three packages. This one, Star mix and Chai Tea. Yeah, I bought one more so what. Everything is fair in love and Tea 🙂

The Package
This package has ten teabags in them, I think it’s just a enough for such a small package and it’s not too cramped. It sits very loosely and you can easily take the first bag out of it.  This package is translated in three languages: Dutch, English and German. The Dutch side is the front of the package. The English is at the back and the German is at the right side (haha).

Coconut tea review by Marustan. Orient Sunset Finest tea
Coconut Tea fron package

The Smell
This is one of my favorite parts when it comes to tea, the smell. For my it is very important if a tea smells the same way as it tastes. It doesn’t have to be the exact same but you should smell something in that way. This tea smells just like coconut (ding, ding, ding). It’s a  kind of smell that when it infiltrates your nostrils, it goes straight to your throat and even if you haven’t tasted it yet. You kind of already tasted it.

This is what the color of the tea looks like
This is what it looks like

The Tea

Yummy, it surprises me that I haven’t finished this tea within a week. This coconut flavored tea smells ánd tastes like coconut and something else. Maybe because its coconut black tea. The color as you can see isn’t that dark but that is because of the way I prepared it. On the package it says that you should drink the tea after 2-4 minutes but I just leave the teabag for a minute and a half. It is not too watery and it tastes a bit creamy and mildly sweet. The sugary taste comes from the aroma it has in its ingredient. I find it a bit weird that this tea only has two ingredients and that there isn’t an extensive list of ingredients. If you are allergic for something or get allergic reactions really quick from consuming things that you don’t know then I wouldn’t recommend drinking this. Better be safe than sorry, right.


I actually don’t have just one place where I drink this tea. I drink this tea everywhere. Not in the bathroom though, that would be a bit odd don’t you think but it isn’t a bad idea either. A cup of tea while you are in a bathtub that  is relaxing level 100. Aaah the power of our imagination always surprises us. Any who where was I, Oh yea,   everywhere is the right place to drink this tea. It relaxes and gives me really relaxing thoughts and ideas. It also made me relax while I was watching the match between The Netherlands and Costa Rica this on Saturday. God that was intense and so nerve-wracking. I thought that it would be an easy win but no sir-ee.



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