Marustan will not be blogging till 12th july

Blog Pause

Hey everybody,

Blogging is something you should do consistently. Ever since I have started college I was so convinced that I would be able to still post articles at least 4 times a month. Unfortunately that is not the case. Blogging is my passion and it seems so hard to just not do it that often. It would not be fair for Marustan as well to not get anything written on it.

Therefore I have decided that I will take a blog pause. In the meantime I can think of possible blog articles and fix a thing or two on the site. On the 12th of July 2014 a new series will start, called Arty Saturday. In Arty Saturday I will explain my paintings and I will also feature one new painting which you haven’t seen before. This eerie will go on for a month and will be continued to the next year July.
Don’t worry, you can still read my articles but I am not posting anything new.
If you’d like to know which painting will be first, you’d have to keep an eye on Marustan’s Facebook page.

An art article on saturday
Soon on Marustan Arty Saturday

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